How to Get Good Rankings by Google Juice

Continuously drawing traffic to the website for longer duration ensures more search engine exposure and your website remains one of the best in the field. Pay per Click or PPC is another effective method to get to the top, but this method is highly expensive and ensures top spot only till you pay for it. As soon as you stop paying, your position drops.

For increasing traffic to our website, we can agree to reciprocate links with other sites and directory submission. The most important way to increase traffic to your website and ensure landing at the top if search engine result pages is providing backlinks to your website. The more links you build, the better for your website, but it also depends on the relevancy of the links.

Reciprocating links with reputed sites is very effective method. There are other automated systems that allow you to place on other websites and in turn place their links on your websites. But presently, we are interested only in one way back link and not the reciprocal ones.

Back links are the incoming links to your website. They are also called as inbound links, inward links, etc. These were important earlier for providing navigation from site to site. But since the emergence of search engines, the fundamentals have undergone a complete change. Search engines search for the back link to the website in order to find out from where the traffic is coming from. It derives success and reputation of the website from the link it has. A Website Design also plays an important role in Search Engine Rankings of a website, that’s why many web design companies offers SEO friendly web design and structure.

Search engine optimization is a technique that looks into these kinds of methods to increase traffic to your site. Link baiting is a form of back linking. In this, websites utilize current, hot topics, forums, news, etc to generate discussion and curiosity; and there, back link to the websites are provided with catchy caption. The back link that does not reciprocate are called as one way back link.

Though back-link can be generated from any source like blogs, forums, chat rooms, social networking sites, etc; but every back link has a different value from the search engine point of view. Link generated from an authoritative website or web page with relevance has a high value. If a back link is generated from a keyword that is relevant to the site as well as the content, then it is valued very high.

As discussed earlier, mere presence on the net is not sufficient or rather does not solve the purpose of creating it. Website is basically meant for the visitors. The more the visitors your website gets, the more the chances of getting your product sold or increasing popularity. If you offer a service or information, then letting more and more people know about it is very critical for your success.

Obviously, on any given topic, there are hundreds of websites present. So it is difficult for your website to catch eyeballs, unless it is already popular. Back linking is an effective technique of letting people know about your existence and offering them a visit to your site.

Providing back links at crucial sites and blogs is sure to draw people’s attention to your website. If you have got the correct keyword and quality content, then the visitor is likely to hang on the website. If the visitor gets what he wants, then he is likely to visit again and again; and generate business for you. But tracing it backwards, it all depends on the originating links.

Hence, it is very important to create high quality, one way back-links to your website in order to draw more and more traffic to your website and increase search engine exposure.

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