Soothing Web Designing Accelerate Web Traffic

Web designing plays a dominant role in web world, by bridging the gulf between the potential customer and the business. As we know that website is an effective medium which synchronize customer expectation to new height, here the designing comes into action and quench the burning desire.

Website is a mirror of our business so we need effective designing technique, which will help us in generating well shaped image. This technique should be seo friendly because main purpose of any e-commerce website (which constitutes 70% of the cyber world) is to generate good business so that they can over shadow their loss and swim in the ocean of profit. Designer should try their level best to keep in mind all the search engine marketing techniques before designing the new layout.

In another words we can say that no designing is complete without the proper embedment of search engine friendly technique. So in order to get soothing aroma from your business designers need to follow the following search engine friendly rules.

  1. Designing should be simple and straight from the heart
  2. Avoid I-frame in you site because it is not search engine friendly
  3. Navigational link should be in proper hierarchy containing the targeted keywords
  4. Header and footer links should be properly defined
  5. Sitemap should contain navigation for almost all the internal pages
  6. Page name should contain targeted keywords separated by hyphen (-)
  7. Make the flash content indexable
  8. Don’t make any content invisible
  9. Both JavaScript and the CSS should be external
  10. Site content and background should have decisive contrast, so that content is easily readable
  11. Try to avoid the table as much as possible
  12. Designer should always keep in mind that their design clearly reflect the customer business
  13. Every folder and image should be named using the keywords
  14. Try to minimize the site loading time
  15. Don’t use the scrolling bar on your page
  16. Site should have search engine friendly content

Here by we conclude that designers should well gel with search engine direction before implementing the new layout, then only you can dream about the successful web business is the Web Design Development and Internet Marketing Company located in Dallas, TexasUSA .For more information you can visit our official website or you can send your query by filling our contact us form


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