SEO A Life Line for E-Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of biggest tool helping the e-commerce thirsty website in generating huge revenue. Website is one of the effective medium that helps the e-commerce business to run smoothly, so it should be manufactured in such a way, that it can easily dissolve search engine optimization (SEO) granules.

Generally a common question flashes in everybody’s mind. That “Why should I invest so much on search engine optimization (SEO)?” Reason is as clear as diamond. You can find millions and trillions of website swimming in search engine. In order to rank high in search engine you need to be more energetic as compare to the competitor. Here the search engine optimization (SEO) role comes into action, it shape the site in such a way that you can find yourself on the top. Research shows that users generally navigate to first or second page, so we should try our best to be within top 20.

Below are few steps that will help you in shaping your site so that you can find yourself in traffic zone.

  1. Site should be brought under the search engine optimization umbrella right from the beginning
  2. Navigation link should be text based containing traffic oriented or high KEI keywords
  3. Always avoid I-frame because it effect the SERP
  4. Footer should be clearly defined containing hyper links embedded in traffic rich keywords
  5. Sitemap is one of the important gateway so it should be nurtured properly, face of the sitemap should contain navigation for all the important page
  6. Make your site user interactive so that bounce rate can be declined and you can swim in the ocean of profit
  7. Domain name should be selected by keeping the theme of the site in your mind
  8. JavaScript and css should be made external
  9. Nomenclature of the page should be done by keeping the theme in your mind
  10. Every folder should be named by keeping traffic oriented keywords in your mind
  11. Content should be properly written by keeping the keywords density in your mind

Follow the above rules sincerely. It is going to help you a lot in shaping your sites, which will ultimately direct you in the ocean of profit

Plasma Computing is an Expert Web Design Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company located in Dallas, Texas USA .For more information you can visit our official website or fill contact us form.


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