Affiliate Marketing Benefits and Shortcomings

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important tentacles of paid advertising. Below are some of the benefits and shortcomings of affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing Is Cheaper: Online advertising is cheaper when it is compare with newspaper or television advertising. As far as audience level is concerned they are growing day by day, so affiliate marketing is best alternative to affordable advertising

Affiliate Marketing Brake Geographical Boundaries: For internet users there is no geographical boundaries, they can easily access any ad. Due to which volume of the customer increases that directly influence the goal conversion rate

Targeted Traffic: Only literate person can visualize the ad on the internet and they know what they are searching for. This increases the click through rate percentage due to which your sale graph will move in the positive direction.

Put Your Ad on Theme Based Sites: Theme of your ad should always match the theme of the publisher sites. This increases the chance of conversion.

Easier to Access: Just with the click of your mouse you can easily access the online ads. Due to which chances of goal conversion increases proportionally.


Link hijacked: Sometimes your affiliate links might be controlled by unauthorized users. They will divert your commission in to there own account. So please take extra precaution during the affiliate campaigns

Dishonest Merchants: Beware of dishonest merchants; they might steal your commissions or make false promises.

Merchant Authenticity: Always check the legitimacy of the merchant before opting for affiliate marketing campaigns

Above points clearly explain the pros and cones of the affiliate marketing, so keep your eyes open while opting for affiliatemarketing programs

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